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Dr. Jean Marie Farish

Dr. Jean Marie Farish, is an award winning best-selling author, educator and life care coach. She is the CEO and Founder of Life Care Wellness PEP For Angels, Inc., to enrich lives and serve the community. She has been featured on the covers of PUBLISHED! and BookMad Magazines and interviewed on global radio talk shows to share her authored and co-authored books and compelling life stories. Her 28 year career as an administrator and professor in higher education and rehabilitation counselor practitioner laid the foundation for current endeavors. She has traveled to Malaysia, Viet Nam, England, Turkey, and indigenous communities, but found herself in Penang, Malaysia, where she lived for six months and flourished in love with experiences anchored forever in her heart and changed her life. She resides in Ridgeland, MS and can be found online at:

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Getting Along with Yourself and Others!